by Joe Alain

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God's Book of Remembrance (4 of 4)
Series: Rekindling the Fires of Faith
Joe Alain
Malachi 3:13-17

Object: Show a photo album and explain how photo albums are keepsakes that remind us of certain events and people in our lives. Picture albums are books of remembrances. Ask, "Did you know that God has a book of remembrance?" He does! Malachi tells us about God's book of remembrance in Malachi 3:13-17. Listen to what God says from our text this morning.

Is it worth it to serve God? Is it worth it to keep His commands? Is it worth it to forsake all and follow Him? Apparently, some in Malachi's day began to question whether it was worth it. They began to see serving God as vain, literally empty, worthless, of no use or of no profit. Although living among doubters, the Lord encouraged Malachi and the faithful remnant of believers by showing them that serving God would be worth it.

Life Application: God's people must continue to live by faith today knowing that the Lord will remember them for eternity.

In this passage, there are two contrasting groups of people, two conversations, and two outcomes. On the one hand, there are those who continually test the Lord and then there are those who continually trust the Lord.

1. Those Who Test the Lord (3:13-15)
Why would anyone question whether it was worth it to serve God? Following the Lord is not always easy. It is not always popular. Keeping God's commands and denying yourself is not always going to be an easy and smooth choice (narrow path). In fact, Jesus said that to follow Him was to choose the strait or narrow path. He said most people are drifting by default down the broad or easy street. Following Christ is not following the path of least resistance. And sometimes when you follow the Lord you don't always see and realize the immediate benefits and blessings of such a course of action.

The fact that others in Israel who were not following God but who were blessed materially was a pro ...

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