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Zach Terry
Genesis 1

There are certain elements of story that you will find in great books, movies, even comic books. One is the wise old sage that gives you information that radically redefines your context and alters the course of your life.

EXAMPLE: Star Wars Episode IV - Began with a young man named Luke Skywalker being raised by his aunt and uncle on a planet called Tatooine. Then came the fateful day when his path crossed with Old Ben Kenobi. It was then that Luke was made privy to information that changed everything.

You see that really wasn't episode one it was episode four. But what Luke learned in episode four redefined the context of his life and it altered the course of the rest of his life.

That's basically the historical context of Genesis. To really understand Genesis don't go first to the class room of Quantum Physics, but rather go to the dessert plains of Moab some 3,500 years ago. 100's of thousands of freed Hebrew slaves have wandered some 40 years in the dessert region of the near East.

Having resided in Goshen and given their lives to construct temples and palaces to the Egyptian deities. They had retained little oral tradition about their own history. It was then that this unknown God - Yahweh, assaulted the gods of Egypt and delivered the Hebrews out of their captivity. Through Moses, Yahweh referred to these slaves as, "My People!". Now they were poised to enter into a new land - a land flowing with milk and honey. Why this land? Why was it theirs?

It was then that God revealed Himself and revealed a story that had been unfolding over thousands of years.

NOW - if you don't understand the historical context you will have a had time understanding Genesis. Why did it include only certain events? Why did it exclude seemingly important information? Where are the dinosaurs?

Genesis is not primarily a scientific record, it is not primarily a historical record, but ...

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