by Zach Terry

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Halfway to Canaan (10 of 32)
Series: Genesis
Zach Terry
Genesis 12

INTRODUCTION: Do you know how annoying it is when the audio and video gets out of sync on a movie? It's so frustrating. Especially when it's a really good movie. It's like watching an old kung fu movie. While it's frustrating in movies, it's tragic in life when the audio of ones life doesn't line up with the video of one's life.
ILLUSTRATION: According to Josh McDowell, the consequences are more serious now than ever. According to research McDowell conducted through the Barna organization there was a significant shift in the way today's students look at a mismatch between audio and video.
• If you are a Baby Boomer, Buster or Generation X - typically when you see hypocrisy in the life of someone you respect, you typically assume the problem is the person, not the philosophy or theology. The person doesn't work, he or she is broken.
• However, with the so called Echo Boomers, Millennial, or Gen.Y (which is basically those born from the late 80's to 90's) when they see hypocrisy, they assume the problem isn't that the person doesn't work right, but that the philosophy or theology doesn't work.
What does that mean? Well basically - if you are the parents you have a much larger burden on you than your parents did. If you drop the ball, your children just might walk out on the faith all together.
NOW LISTEN - if you live long enough you are going to witness someone you love and respect walk out on Christ. How are you going to deal with it?

• What are you going to do if you spouse goes awol on Christ?
• What if you children don't follow you in the faith?
• What if one of your closest friends leave the faith?
• What if you discover that those who you consider to be spiritual heroes, prove that the audio and the video doesn't line up?

As we look at the life of Abram we see that he had to face just that.
Last week we met Abram and learned about how God appeared to him in Ur of th ...

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