by Zach Terry

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The Faith Test (16 of 32)
Series: Genesis
Zach Terry
Genesis 22

OPENING ILLUSTRATION: As I think back over the years perhaps my favorite Christmas as a boy was the Christmas of 1986. I was 10 years old and I had my heart set on one request. I wanted a dog. Not just any dog, I wanted a pure bred, American Kennel Club Registered Labrador Retriever. I'll never forget getting up about 4:30AM that Christmas morning and running into our living room, opening my presents and it was then that my dad opened a door and that puppy ran in and began licking me on my bare back.
There is something most special about the friendship that a boy has with his dog. I named him Jake.It was awesome until that Summer when our area had an unusual infestation of fleas and my dog was covered up. The vet gave us some drops for the dog, but he recommended if you really want to get rid of the fleas you need to dip the dog. He gave us specific instructions to fill a tub with the dip mix and get the dog completely under the water just long enough to soak him real good.
Now labs like water, they have webbed feet, but let me tell you they don't like being held under at all. You see that dog knows that he was created to breath air, not water.
Now there was nothing in me that would hurt that dog. But I'm sure that he was convinced that I was trying to kill him.
Here's what I want you to know today - if you walk with God there will be times when you will swear He's trying to kill you. But in fact he's making you.
The proverb writer said, "Faithful are the wounds of a friend". Today we will see the friend of God wounded by the Shepherd of his soul.
CONTEXT: To this point, Abraham's life had been a perpetual series of tests…
• In chapter 11 God gave Abraham the family test. He called upon Abraham to leave his home, his mother and father and relatives, to move out of Ur and go to the land of Canaan.
• In chapter 12 he was given the famine test. For when a famine came to Canaan the ...

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