by Zach Terry

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Life in the Zone (18 of 32)
Series: Genesis
Zach Terry
Genesis 24

OPENING ILLUSTRATION: One of the most beneficial habits that I have acquired since I was saved in 1994 is reading the Biographies of Highly Effective Christians.

It doesn't take long before you recognize that Highly Effective Christians have certain things in common. You see success leaves clues.

BIOGRAPHIES: Billy Graham, Lottie Moon, Jonathon Edwards, George Whitfield, Martin Luther, St. Augustine, John Calvin, Amy Carmichael, D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday, Charles Simeon, Charles Spurgeon, William Tyndal, John Owen, Athanasius, George Mueller, Adoniram Judson, C.S. Lewis, David Brainerd, Martin Lloyd-Jones, John Bunyan.

I'm telling you that I have discovered one clear overwhelming commonality between each of those individuals. They practiced a life of balance that most of us don't experience. I call it life in the Zone of God's Will.

First of all we must understand that the bible speaks of God's will in three senses.

I. There is the moral will of God. The Moral will of God is clearly revealed in the written word of God. You don't have to pray about those things. You don't have to ask for a sign. You just obey, it's as clear as black ink on white paper… thus saith the Lord.

II. There is the decreed will of God - The decreed will of God - When God say's, "This shall happen".Israel you will inherit the promised land, Paul will testify in Rome

III. Then you have the specific will of God.
This is how God plans to use you in a very practical way to bring Him glory.
This would include, Your Occupation, Who you will marry, How many kids will you have, When will you have kids, Where will you live, How you will serve in the local Church.

I'm telling you today that if you are going to experience the specific will of God you are going to have to live in the ZONE. There are dozens of stories in the bible that express the truth I'm going to teach you today, but none any bet ...

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