by Zach Terry

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Dressed to Impress (21 of 32)
Series: Genesis
Zach Terry
Genesis 27

OPENING ILLUSTRATION: I have a confession to make - One of my all time biggest guilty pleasures is watching law enforcement reality TV like COPS. My dad is the same way. There's just something about watching that stuff.

• No matter how messed up your family is, I grant you the producers of COPS has found somebody worse.
• There is a guy with a mullet and a tank top somewhere - that makes you look like Dr. Phil.
• The whole episode is a case study on the effects of sin. Period.
• I have to confess - I'm always a little nervous when COPS is on, what if, what if, one of my inlaws show up.
• I'll never forget the time, my dad and I were watching it… you know it begins with the Police car going down the road… down in the bottom right hand corner of the screen it said, "Athens, AL". We both sat up in our chair and sure enough the Limestone County Sheriff's Dept. We were both nervous. I'll never forget the relief when they showed the guys face and I totally didn't recognize him. He wasn't a member of Capshaw - we're good.
• And think about it - this is TV, they have to sign a release. So as they are being hauled off to jail. Some producer comes up and says, "Hey can you sign this paper that let's us show the whole world what you just did?" The guys says, "Wow, when do you think it'll be on?"

Well Gen. 27 is basically an episode of COPS - it's reality BIBLE at it's best. Everyone sins, everyone is sinned against, and everyone responds sinfully.
• Remember in Chapter 24 Isaac and Rebecca meet, fall in love, get married, it's the quintessential love story.
• In Chapter 25 Rebecca is pregnant with twins and it seems as if there is a war going on inside of her. She goes to a prophet to inquired of the Lord and God says, "Two nations are inside of you - The older ESAU will serve the younger JACOB".
• The boys grow up, and rather than trust God to fulfill his promise JAC ...

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