by Zach Terry

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A Better Mediator (29 of 32)
Series: Genesis
Zach Terry
Genesis 40-41

INTRODUCTION: Turn if you would to Gen. 40, hold your place there and then turn to the oldest book in your bible. Most theologians agree that is the book of Job.

In chapter 9 of Job the man Job begins to philosophize about a great need in his life.
28 I am afraid of all my pains, I know that You will not acquit me. 29 "I am accounted wicked, Why then should I toil in vain? 30 "If I should wash myself with snow And cleanse my hands with lye, 31 Yet You would plunge me into the pit, And my own clothes would abhor me.

32 "For He is not a man as I am that I may answer Him, That we may go to court together. 33 "There is no umpire between us, Who may lay his hand upon us both.

In this the first book penned, Job recognizes a great chasm that exsist between man and his creator. And he cries out, "Oh that there were someone who could identify with me a mere man, and at the same time could identify with the Eternal God and serve as an umpire between us, a mediator of sorts." Yet in Job's mind there was no such mediator as of yet.

ILLUSTRATION: In life we have all recognized the value of a "go between". I remember when I wanted to win the heart of Julie, but I couldn't be too forward about it or at least I thought I couldn't. I needed a mediator. I found that, in the person of her roomate Jana. I talked to Jana, Jana talked to Julie on my behalf. Jana could identfy with us both and serve to bring us together.

Now back to Genesis. In our text Joseph is in need of a mediator.
CONTEXT: Remember, last time we were together we read of the repetitive advances that Mrs. Potipher made toward Joseph. Eventually, requiring Joseph to come out of his tunic and in a very literal way, "Flee youthful lusts".

Mrs. Potipher was true to her character, she now had circumstantial evidence in the cloak of Joseph, so she went directly to Potipher demanding justice.

TEXT: Genesis 39:19-23 (NASB ...

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