by Fred Lowery

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What's the Worse That Could Happen (2 of 4)
Dr. Fred Lowery
John 4: 4-42; Luke 19:10; Acts 1:8

We are, this morning, in John 4. It's a series on the worst thing that could happen to you and last week we talked about some of those worse things - What is the Worst Thing that Could Happen - is that our President being re-elected; is it Iran getting a nuclear weapon; is it losing your job; is it $5 gas; it is getting cancer?
For the believer, we know that these things can't be the worst because we have God. God is our provider and God is capable of meeting our deepest needs. God is sovereign. He raises up kingdoms and He can take them down. God gives us the grace to handle whatever life throws at us. God heals us. Christians get sick only temporarily but we're gonna get well either here or there but we get well because God is Jehovah-Rapha- the One who heals. You say, but death has to be the worst thing that can happen. No. No. No. There are a lot of things that are worse than death. Easter took care of death because Jesus lives we live forever. Death is just changing zip codes - that's upward mobility. You can't frighten a Christian with death because we live forever. A Christian never dies. In Romans 8, it says in all these things - whatever we want to talk about that we think can be the worst thing that can happen to us, in all of these things, the trials, the troubles of this world, we're more than conquerors through Jesus Christ.
Now! Last week we said that the worst thing that can happen to a religious person - a lost person - is to be religious and to count on church to get them to Heaven. Even being active in church and they think they're alright but in reality they're going to hell the religious route. That's one of the saddest parts in the entire Bible when it says that one day many will stand before the Lord and say, Lord, Lord, you know me. You know what I did for You. You know that I worked in the church and He says sorry I never knew you. The wors ...

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