by Fred Lowery

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What's the Worse That Could Happen (3 of 4)
Dr. Fred Lowery / Senator Rick Santorum
John 4: 46-54; Isaiah 28:16b

OK. We're going to do things a little differently today. We have Senator Rick Santorum with us today. We're excited about that and I didn't want him to speak right at first because I know you too well and I knew that some of our people don't get here for a while so we decided to arrange so that I would go first and that'll give the people time to get in here so they can have the opportunity to hear the Senator.

We are in John chapter 4 so if you have your copy of Scripture you may want to turn to John chapter 4 and we're in week 3 of our series, "What is the Worst Thing that Could Happen to You?" And we talked about could it be $5 gas or Iran with a nuclear weapon, could it be cancer, a death in the family? What's the worst thing that could happen? Well, you know those things, we serve a God who is sovereign and whose in control and who can raise up kingdoms and take down kingdoms and a God who can work miracles in our lives and give us the grace to handle anything that life throws at us. You say, but death, death is probably the worst thing that could happen, surely. (So, why is my phone ringing? I have never had that happen, ever before. Ah, but, it was Christy so you might check on her. I don't know where she is but you might check on her.)

But, is death, death, we know is just changing zip codes. That's a, Easter took care of death. So, what we discovered is that the worst thing that can happen to non-believers is to be counting on something that doesn't count. To - because a person thinks he is religious and is in church and doing good things and counting on religion and works to get him to heaven only to one day hear the words, "Sorry, I never knew you." And our illustration was Nicodemus. Here was the man that was the fairest of the fair, the purest of the pure, the best of the best, the highest of the highest. He was the most religiou ...

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