by Keith Krell

Manly Mentoring
Keith Krell
Titus 2:1-2, 6

What is the measure of a man? As a man, how can you know that you've really succeeded in this life? The world tells us that real men are good looking, powerful, successful, and wealthy. But we must ask, "Is this really what it means to be a man? Is this all there is?"

The Bible tells us that a manly man is a spiritual mentor. In other words, a man that wants to make a difference in this world isn't consumed with his face, his body, his job, or his finances. A manly man is consumed with God and people. A manly man is concerned with leaving a godly legacy. [Sorry ladies, this message is not for you. Your message was on Mother's Day and it was entitled, "Motherly Mentoring." Today's message is for guys. But sit tight, ladies. Maybe you can learn more about how to encourage men to be all that God has called us to be.]

In the book of Titus, the apostle Paul writes to his protégé, Titus. In chapter 1, Paul set the primary goal for Titus's ministry in Crete: to "set in order" (1:5) what God had allowed them to begin. Titus was to teach all the new converts to become "sound in the faith" (1:13). In doing so, he will inform his readers that a manly man is a spiritual mentor. In Titus 2, Paul is going to reveal two realties that will help every man become manly. First, manly men teach doctrine. Second, manly men do doctrine.

1. Manly men teach doctrine (2:1). In this opening verse, we are going to study the "d" word. Yes, that's right, "doctrine." For many men, doctrine equals boring. Yet, we will see that solid doctrine is the foundation men must build their lives upon. Paul writes, "But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine." The word "but" is a conjunction which introduces a sharp contrast with what was written in the previous chapter (1:10-16). The conclusion of chapter 1 is a description of false teachers and heretics and the troubles they cause in a local church. Paul wrote that th ...

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