by Keith Krell

Dad's Duties
Keith Krell
Ephesians 6:4

Dean Karnazes is an astounding man. He's a Greek-American ultra-marathon runner. Among his many accomplishments, he's run a 135-mile ultra-marathon across Death Valley in 120-degree temperatures, and a marathon to the South Pole in negative 40 degrees. He is also the world record holder for the longest continuous run in history-350 miles in 81 hours with no sleep! Even more impressive, he ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days. His 50th and final marathon was the New York City Marathon which he finished in three hours and 30 seconds. To cap off this incredible achievement, he then ran back from New York City to the place where the first of the 50 marathons began, St. Louis, Missouri, covering nearly 1,300 miles along the way.

Dean's a guy who is not afraid of a challenge. The man is a freak of nature! I have no idea how he can do what he does. As I read about this man's accomplishments I couldn't help but think, I want to take his physical stamina and convert it into spiritual stamina. I want to be to fathering what Dean Karnazes is to running. I want to be the best! Now if I wanted to be an ultra-marathoner, I would read everything that Dean Karnazes has ever written. He would be my authority. In the same way, if I want to be the best father I possibly can, I will study everything my heavenly Father has ever written. To put it plainly, I must consult the "manufacturer" when it comes to seeking advice on the "product." God is the creator of children and has filled the Bible with examples and principles on how to shape and guide them to spiritual maturity. A good example can be found in Eph 6:4 where Paul says it is easier to bend a child than mend an adult. In just a few simple words Paul gives three duties that a father is called to fulfill for his children.

1. Dads must encourage their children. Paul states this command in the negative when he writes, "Fathers, do not provoke your children to a ...

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