by Keith Krell

Dad: The Man, The Myth, The Legend!
Keith Krell
Psalm 128:1-6

Mama told me that there would be days like last Thursday. After an exhausting few weeks, I took a day off to spend some much-needed time with my family. I began my day by lifting weights with the Joshua. Halfway through our workout, I dropped a twenty-five pound Olympic plate on my lower shin. I broke my skin, bloodied my leg, and experienced severe pain. In the afternoon, I played basketball with Justin. But he decided to use a tiny plastic soccer ball and lower the hoop from ten feet to seven feet so that he could dunk. As we were playing one-on-one, I threw down a monster tomahawk dunk on him and mangled my right middle finger on the rim. Instantaneously a blood blister formed under my fingernail. If my finger could have screamed it would have! I told Justin, "This is just not my day! I need to stop before I do any further damage to myself." Later that afternoon, as I was reenacting how I earned my battle wounds with Lori, I slipped and fell down our stairs and reinjured my shin and finger. Talk about frustrating! And I'm not even a klutz. (Don't verify this claim with my wife though.) Mama told me that there would be days like last Thursday.

As I was reflecting upon my comedy of errors, the Lord impressed upon me that my experience is common to men on a practical level. When a man hurts himself or others, he becomes afraid of further failure or injury. As men, we have a tendency to want to quit when things go poorly. Maybe you have lost your job and haven't been able to provide for your family. Perhaps you have strayed from God. Maybe you have been unfaithful to your wife or your future wife. Perhaps you are recovering from a divorce. Maybe you have neglected your children. Today you may be feeling like you need to give in and give up. However, God would say, "It's always too soon to quit."

For Father's Day my daughter, Jena, gave me a T-shirt that says: "Dad: The Man, the Myth, The Lege ...

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