by Joe Alain

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Leaving a Legacy (6 of 6)
Series: Deuteronomy
Joe Alain
Deuteronomy 34:1-9

Diane Aulger was about two weeks from her delivery date of January 29th (2012) when she and her husband decided there was no time to wait: Mark Aulger had only days to live, and he wanted to see his child. After months of cancer treatments, Mark had been given the bad news on January 16th that he probably had only 5 or 6 days to live. Diane Aulger had her labor induced and gave birth to their daughter January 18th. Mark saw and held his daughter that day as tears rolled down his face. He slipped into a coma on the 21st and died days later on January 23rd of complications related to his cancer treatment. Even though he would never live to raise his daughter, to see her grow into a woman, he did get to see her before he died.

Moses has been the spiritual father of the Israelites. He has led them, loved them, and carried them through their wandering in the wilderness and now that journey is about to take on a new direction. They are close to entering the promised land, a land that Moses will see but he will not be able to enter. He will never know the joys of walking with his children in that promised land, he will not see all of God's promises fulfilled, but God will let him see the land before he dies.

Ironically, Moses began his ministry at a mountain (Mount Sinai or Horeb), and now he will end his ministry at another mountain, Mount Nebo. We are told that Moses went up from the plains of Moab to Mount Nebo, to the top of Pisgah on the eastern side of the Jordan where God showed him all of the land that He had promised Israel (vv.1-4). Mount Nebo is located in today's Kingdom of Jordan about 15 miles east of Jericho.

Looking north from Pisgah's lofty heights in the northeast Moses would have seen the territory of Gilead, directly ahead he would have seen Manasseh and far in the distance he would have gazed upon Naphtali. Looking west in the distance he would see the territo ...

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