by Jerry Watts

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A Life Worth Living (3 of 24)
Series: How to Do Life
Jerry Watts
James 1:3-8

• There is a story of two garment workers in New York City. One was a cutter and one was a stitcher. They were working side by side. They got to talking about vacations. One said he was looking forward to his vacation and the other said he was not going on a vacation this year. The question was asked, "Why?" "I went to Africa last year. I went elephant hunting." "Did you get any elephants?" "No, I found an elephant. He charged me, but my gun was jammed, and I was killed." The cutter gave a stunned look at his friend and said, "What are you talking about, you was killed? You aren't dead. You're sitting here living!" And the other fellow looked down at his scissors, looked across at the needle and fabric in his friend's hands and replied: "You call this living?"
• Jesus said, "I am come that you might have life and have it to the "full." That means in Him we can not only have a life but we can really "LIVE."
• As we have seen, James (the half-brother of Jesus) points his reader to take a look at the difficult life they were living and to understand how God was using those difficulties to make them into what HE wanted them to be. The 'scattered saints' to whom James was writing were experiencing a great deal of persecution. Trial, testing, and troubles on every hand were filling their lives and as a result, they were having problems understanding what was happening and they were having difficulties praying for God to give the understanding to what all of this meant. Quite likely, they were becoming discouraged and some it may seem were coming to the point of 'giving up.' Is this all there is?
• Some of us would understand this type of thinking. Is this all there is? Is my life going to continue being so difficult? Is it really worth it? How do I learn from this? Possibly some would say, 'is this life really worth living?'
• If this question has even just flas ...

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