by Jerry Watts

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Understanding the Journey (5 of 24)
Series: How to Do Life
Jerry Watts
James 1:9-11

• My sister and brother were born with web fingers. Sis had 3 fingers webbed while my brother had 2. To separate these fingers would require expensive surgeries and we were not a financially wealthy family. The obvious answer to this dilemma was to have them seen at the Shriner's Children Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana. When my parents took my sister, they always found me a place to stay because as a little kid, I didn't ride well. But one time I begged them enough that they relented what they knew was best and allowed me to go. Here is what I'll tell you; I didn't understand the journey we were about to take. It didn't matter how many time Mom and dad attempted to tell me how long this trip was, I simply didn't know. Out of THIS trip, I became the original author of those famously repeated words, "Are we there yet?" The truth is, even though I was on the journey and had been told about the travel, I didn't have a good perspective on all that was entailed in that 'pre-I10 trip.' Today, after having even lived in the Shreveport area for several years, I not only understand the journey but I know the best way to get there.
• Of all the journeys that we take, the journey of life is the most critical to understand. Most people never discover the best path for this journey. How do I know this? Because the wide way, which most folks choose, ultimately leads to destruction; while the way or journey to life is narrow and few will actually find it. The starting point for real life is found in a personal relationship with our creator, Jehovah God. And no one begins this journey EXCEPT by coming through Jesus, His only Son. Now, we'll try other methods, but they never work. Candidly, to begin our journey on the right road we must understand the starting point which is Jesus.
• Once we trust Jesus with our soul's salvation, we have only begun a journey which seems to make litt ...

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