by Jerry Watts

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What's In It for Me? (6 of 24)
Series: How to Do Life
Jerry Watts
James 1:12

• (Show the title on the screen) Please read this phrase with me (read). Last week I Googled this phrase and returned 414,000,000 hits. We live in a "What's in it for me (WIIFM)" culture. It begins with people's approach to government only infringe on our community, infest our homes, invade our lives, and infect our churches. Today, people make their choices on this mantra. Sadly, the vision of today's people is somewhat limited and skewed.
• A person is trying to decide what church to attend, so they get a checklist of ministries to make sure that this church has everything they want. To be fair, many pray about this check list. Yet, what appears on list that we make reveal something of our limited vision because, for the most part, the list includes only things which hold meaning while on this earth. Small Groups, people my age or stage, music, and sweet fellowship, are but just a few of the listings. Consider what happens when that person joins and finds HIS or HER 'thing' is not what they thought it was. What happens?
• Another person attempt to make a decision about what religion or belief system to embrace. This time their listings may be different but their focus is the same, "What's in it for me?" I suggest that for the person who has decided to find a belief system which 'fits what they want' is one which is man-made. It seems to be truth that every religion has a group which is a soft target. Some religions appeal to young people, some to ladies, some to men, some to the down and outs; again sadly, the very reason these people are attracted to specific groups are, in large measure about "me and mine."
• Today, I want us to look through the eyes (and words) of God to discover, "What is in it for me?" What is it that God wants to give me? (Text)
1. Your Call to Life - God calls us to have and possess a blessed life. That is His desire for you and me. ...

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