by Jerry Watts

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Judgment Is Coming! (13 of 24)
Series: How to Do Life
Jerry Watts
James 2:12-13

• Once when Alabama was playing Auburn, Coach Bear Bryant sent in his 2nd string quarterback with instructions to run on every play and he had better not pass the ball. Alabama led by three points and only had to run the clock out to win. Three downs in a row Alabama was crushed. On the fourth down with a few seconds left and Alabama ahead the quarterback took the snap. Looking into the end zone he saw his receiver so open the temptation was too great. He threw the ball only to see it intercepted. Though he was the slowest player on the field the 2nd string quarterback ran down the interceptor and Alabama won the game. After the game coach Dye of Auburn said to Bear Bryant, "How could that boy run down my boy who was so much faster?" "Simple," answered Bear, "Your boy was running to score a touchdown - my boy was running to keep me from killing him!" Motivation is EVERYTHING!
• Additionally, one of the greatest motivations of all time is accountability. Weight watchers, groups dealing with addiction, multi-level business, and more all use accountability as motivation. When you are tempted to eat that piece (or have a 2nd piece) of pie and you know you're going to have to give an account to the people at weigh in, you think twice about it. If you know that you are going to have to answer to your boss for time spent and wasted, you will make sure that you can completely account for your time. To know that we have to answer for our words or deeds causes us 'pause.'
• Several months ago we began a journey through the book of James. After taking a 4 week's break we are picking back up with our series of messages on "How to do life." Turn to James 2:13-14.
• Three times in these two verses we read the word (in some form) 'judgment'. Today's message is not a popular message. It is not one which will be heard by the 'positive preachers' of the day. Candidly, it is not one t ...

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