by Jerry Watts

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Prayer…Life's Limitless Reach (23 of 24)
Series: How to Do Life
Jerry Watts
James 5:12-19

• A man was watching the news one night when it was reported that a car was going the wrong direction on the freeway. The man knew his wife was on that freeway and became very concerned so called her on her cell phone. She answered and he said, "Dear, there's one car going in the wrong direction on the freeway." She exclaimed, "One car! There are hundreds of them!" Sometimes we are like that woman.
• In 1974 I had the great privilege of meeting Dr. Jack Taylor at Ridgecrest. He had been a Southern Baptist Pastor and had recently resigned to begin an itinerant ministry as an author and preacher. Over the years I have read his books, listened to his tapes, and driven miles to hear him in person. In some ways he has been an absentee mentor about spiritual things.
• That said, because of his ever growing walk with Christ, he has embraced some theologies about the Holy Spirit which, at the very least, has caused leading Southern Baptist's preachers to 'raise their eyebrows' and at worse, have caused those people to dis-avow him as a Southern Baptist.
• Here's what I know about him, "I have yet to hear him speak when I didn't sense God's anointing on him." And with all due respect, I tend to listen to anyone whom I sense is being empowered by the Holy Spirit of God.
• In 1977, Jack wrote a book on prayer with bears the title of this message, "Prayer, Life's Limitless Reach." In this book he teaches us that, even at our best, we are limited in our human experience. Yet in prayer we can pray now and affect the 'then', we can pray 'here' and impact the 'there,' and we can pray in 'time' which will affect 'eternity.' That is the limitless reach of prayer.
• Jack goes on to tell us that in prayer we experience worship, work, and warfare. Without prayer we can never worship. The shortest way to the throne of grace is in prayer and brokenness. It is work. Oswald ...

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