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A Good Imitation (4 of 4)
Series: All Grown Up
Jeff Strite
I Corinthians 4:12

OPEN: What does it mean to be grown up? A group of 5 to 8 year children were asked that question and these were their answers:

David, age 7, said you know you're grown up when your clothes don't fit anymore.
Angie (6) said she believed being a grown up meant being able to ride a bike with no training wheels and having no one running along beside.
Amanda (5) …when you can cross the street by yourself, and run your own bath water.
Ronnie (8) …when you get scared in the night and don't have to run in to mommy's room.
Lisa (7) …when you are 30
Sherri (6) …when you stop growing old, go to work, be a mom.
Eric (5) …when you have wrinkles on your face and you look in the mirror and say "Oh No!"

APPLY: I suppose there's a measure of truth in all of those answers, but as we've discovered from Scripture over the past 3 weeks, God has His own idea of what it means to grow up. We've learned over these past weeks that an ADULT Christian is one who:
1. Seeks to be like their Father in Heaven (be perfect or mature as your Father in Heaven)
2. Seeks to be a "servant" of others
3. Realizes they are a "priest of God" - one who has a job to do, and does it
4. AND LAST WEEK: Someone who seeks to find someone to teach.

I. THIS WEEK we're going to examine one last trait of a mature, grown up Christian.
In I Corinthians Paul introduces the idea that being an adult means you give others something to imitate. Reread I Cor. 4:12-17.
In this passage we find that Paul wanted the Corinthians to 'imitate' him because he was their father figure. The Greek word Paul uses here is "Mimatan" from which we get our words mimic, or imitate. This word "Mimatan" is repeated several times in Scripture and this is an expression of an important Biblical concept.

In 1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul writes: "FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE, as I follow the example of Christ."
Again in Philippians 4:9 he advises: "What ...

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