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Donkey Talk (2 of 5)
Series: Animal Parade
Jeff Strite
Number 22:1-35

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APPLY: We've all the story of Balaam's donkey ever since we were little children. But this is an unusual story for a number of reasons… not the least of which is a talking donkey. So, what I want to do this morning is introduce the major players in this drama and then see what applications God may have in mind for us.

So 1st let's start with the Donkey.
I realized I didn't really know that much about donkeys when I first read the text, so I did a little research on the internet.
One sermon I read on the net noted that in Bible times ''Donkeys were all-purpose vehicles (like ATV's) and they were used for transportation, carrying loads, grinding grain, and plowing fields.
(They were kind of like a pick-up for a farmer).
They were highly dependable.
Very gentle and extremely friendly to people.
In fact - the only major drawback to donkeys is their supposed ''Mule headedness''
But most of the sources I read noted that ''…the infamous donkey stubbornness keeps these animals and their riders out of danger/''

When a donkey senses danger - they simply ''…tend to freeze''
They refuse to move.
So, the reaction Balaam's donkey had to the angel of God was natural.

Next I did research on what the Bible says about donkeys… and I was surprised at what I discovered: I found for example that they were often part of major Bible stories.
• Abraham saddled his donkey to take Isaac to be sacrificed (Gen 22)
• Joseph's brothers took donkeys with them to get food from Egypt (Gen 42)
• Moses saddled his donkey to go on his trip to Egypt to free Israel (Ex. 4:20)
• And, of course, Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem a week before He was crucified in order to fulfill the prophecy that He would do so (Matthew 21:5; Zechariah 9:9)

And I found that ...

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