by Stan Coffey

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How Can I Change My Life? (1 of 12)
Series: When We Ask How
Dr. Stan Coffey
Genesis 32:22-32

I. Crisis
II.Fear Of Change
III. Confession
IV. Commitment
V. Cooperation

Father, we thank you and praise you this morning for the opportunity to study the word of God that is quick and alive and sharper than any two edged sword. We thank you Father that it reveals and it heals, that it convicts and converts. We thank you Father that the power in the word of God is the power of God and the salvation to all who believe, not only salvation from sin, salvation from Satan, salvation from self, and salvation to an abundant life in Jesus. In His name we pray. Amen

Well, this morning if you have your Bible turn to Genesis Chapter 32. We are going to begin in verse 22 and today when we ask how, how can I change my life?

I thought about this title because it's the first of a new year and in the beginning of a new year we think about the changes that we would like to make in our life. Maybe there are some characteristics about our life that we would like to change emotionally.

Maybe there are some spiritual things in our life that we would like to improve; maybe there are some things in our marriage or things in relationships with mates or relationships with other friends that we want to change. We want to be a different person, a better person.

You know sometimes we have heard all of our life the old saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" and we try to apply that spiritually and we think, "Well, I'm just too old to change" or "I'm too set in my ways to change."

"I'd like to change this aspect of my life but I just don't see how because of the timing involved. I'm just too old. I'm too far gone for that."

We are going to look at a man today who was changed by God when he was well into his adulthood and yet he was radically changed for the better. In Genesis 32:22 we meet this man, Jacob.

I want us to look at him because when we ask how ...

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