by Stan Coffey

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How Can I Have Peace Under Pressure? (2 of 12)
Series: When We Ask How
Dr. Stan Coffey
John 14:27

I. Accept God's Pardon
II. Recognize God's Presence
III. Obey God's Principles
IV. Trust God's Plan
V. Ask For God's Provision

……… and the many times when we ask how can we make it day by day that you have the truth in your word. So help us to learn, know, and obey your principles. Father give us your strength today and your wisdom. We pray for comfort for those who are bereaved today in grief. We pray for special touch for those whose lives may be hurting especially right now. God, we pray you'll use this time together to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. We ask it in His name, Amen.
We are talking about when we ask how. One of the things that we ask is, "How can I have peace under pressure?"
You read a lot about having inner peace in the Bible. Inner peace is promised to the children of God and yet we find we are challenged many times with the daily stresses of life and the stains of life.
Many times we are under great pressure, family pressures, or financial pressure, time pressures, schedules at work, and God is concerned about these aspects of our lives.
Sometimes we think, "Well, God is too big to care about this little thing in my life." Well, there is no little to God. Everything about you is important to God. You are important to God and what causes pressure upon you is important to God and you cannot remove pressure.
Pressure is a part of life. Peace is not the absence of pressure. Peace is not the absence of problems but peace is a kind of peace that you have in the midst of the pressure and the midst of the problem.
I think you will agree that stress is certainly taking its toll especially on the American culture. We are told that 112 million people will take medication for stress related symptoms every single week.
More than sixty percent of all visits to the physician's office are a stress related disorder. 150 billion dollars a year ...

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