by Stan Coffey

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How Can I Survive Stress? (3 of 12)
Series: When We Ask How
Dr. Stan Coffey
Matthew 6:33-34

I. Principle Of Identification
II. Principle Of Dedication
III. Principle Of Organization
IV. Principle Of Concentration
V. Principle Of Delegation
VI. Principle Of Medication
VII. Principle Of Relaxation
VIII. Principle Of God's Word

This is a good group already and I know people will be coming in maybe a little bit later today but thank the Lord the roads are not bad and we have the moisture that we need and maybe we can make up the rest of it in the weeks ahead.

We are in a series for those of you who may be a guest here, When We Ask How. When we ask how about some of the difficulties in life and today we are on our third lesson so if you are new you can get right in on the beginning of this series and get the tapes from our tape center and the outlines of the two previous lessons.

Next week we are going to be talking about how to live right in a world gone wrong - how to live right in a world gone wrong. You may want to make a note to prepare for that. It would help for you to study 1 John 3.

If you will just turn to 1 John, I will point out some verses here and I will try to remember in the future to put the verses for the next week's lesson at the end of the lesson as I was doing for a little while and then backslid and forgot to do it so you can study ahead a little bit.

This entire chapter of First John Chapter Three has to do with living right and has to do with how we live in the world so let me just encourage you to read that chapter and see what the Lord says and also as you look at the next chapter as well and God gives us a great word in how to live in this world that has gone wrong but how we are to live right.

We have what today is called in the political arena the counter culture and we have a large counter culture that expresses itself. Look back at First John 2:15 and study First John 2:15-16. I said Chapter 3.

It con ...

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