by Stan Coffey

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How to Get Off the Guilt Trip (8 of 12)
Series: When We Ask How
Dr. Stan Coffey
Psalm 32:1-5

I. Avoid Destructive Devices
II. Avoid Destructive Solutions
III. Apply Scriptural Solutions
IV. Accept God's Provision

Psalm Chapter 32. We want to look at this psalm for a moment because we are talking today about how to get off the guilt trip when we ask how.

Many people have confessed their sin to God, they have been truly sorry for their sin but they still feel guilt. When they realize that they feel guilt, they ask the question, "How can I get rid of this burden of guilt? How can I get rid of this regret?"

You know we play a game with ourselves called, "If Only". If only I had another chance, if only I had listened to good advice, many men have to say if I'd listened to my wife but if only, if only. If only I had not taken that job.

You know there are all kinds of regrets that we have and many regrets that come because of mistakes that we have made in our life and the sins we have committed and we continue to have guilt when we continue to allow the mistakes of the past to destroy the happiness of today.

So to know whether or not you wrestle with this problem, do you ever play the if only game, do you allow the regrets of the past to dominate your thinking now?

People do that to the extent that it destroys all their happiness, it destroys their health and that is the reason we can never it seems have enough good Christian counselors because more and more in our society people are dealing with this problem.

How can I get rid of this load of guilt, this feeling that I am unworthy? Well in Psalm 32:1 David speaks as a man who had committed great sin, a man who knew better, a man who was a man after God's own heart and yet he was tempted and gave in to the temptation.

He committed the sin of adultery then he committed the sin of murder and lying to cover it up. So here is a man who had a lot of guilt and yet somehow he found out how to get ...

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