by Samuel Burgess

What a Difference Jesus can make
Sammy Burgess
Mark 5:1-20

If you have truly met the Lord Jesus Christ; if you have received Him as your Lord and Savior, then you can agree with me that---YOU CANNOT LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT HIM! I can't imagine not having the Lord Jesus in my heart and life.

Jesus does not have one unsatisfied customer! JESUS REALLY DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN A PERSON'S LIFE!

There was a day that a young man by the name of Ryan Cushing will never forget. Someone made a difference in his life. *In the month of November 2004 in New York one carload of delinquents headed out on a joyride. Their spree began at the local Cineplex. Bored with action flicks, the teenagers decided to act one out. They broke into a car, grabbed a credit card, and proceeded to a video store. There they charged $400 worth of DVD's and video games.

They also stopped at a grocery store to pick up a few items. A surveillance tape caught these kids selecting a 20 pound turkey. (REMEMBER THE TURKEY!)

With the pedal to the metal in a silver Nissan, the kids move along an irregular line intersecting with a Hyundai containing a woman named Victoria Ruvolo. The 2 cars cross paths at approximately 12:30 am.

Victoria Ruvolo, 44 years old, was headed for her Long Island home. Having attended her 14 year old niece's vocal recital, she looked forward to home and hearth---particularly hearth. She was ready to shed her overcoat and scarf; bury herself under an electric blanket and rest her weary self.

Maybe the silver Nissan, approaching from the east, catches Victoria's eye-maybe not. In a matter of moments for Victoria, it wouldn't matter. She certainly will not be able to recall the image of a teenage boy leaning out the window of the Nissan as the car approaches; nor will she be able to retain memory of the bulky projectile taking flight from his hands. (THIS IS THE PART ABOUT THE TURKEY.)

The 20 pound turkey crashed through Victori ...

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