by Jeff Schreve

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The Giant of Strongholds (5 of 5)
Series: Facing with Giants
Jeff Schreve
I Chronicles 20:6-8

I want to ask you this question, how many in here have a fear of snakes? Is anybody afraid of snakes? I don't like snakes at all. When I went to Africa a few years back, it helped my prayer life every time I would walk through the bush. One time I was walking through waste deep brush. The guy said, ''This is a short-cut to the next village.'' I was just praying every step. I was praying every step. They have snakes other there that can kill you in about five or ten minutes and I was just so afraid. I just don't like snakes. I identify with that Jim Stafford song, ''I don't like spiders and snakes.'' Do you remember that song? That was when I was in about 5th or 6th grade. I ran across a story about a snake. It was about a big snake, actually the biggest snake in the world. It is found in South America and it is called an anaconda. These things get to be up to 30 feet long. They can weigh 550 pounds. They are big snakes.

Take a look. That is a big dude. They have really sharp teeth; one hundred teeth and they are razor sharp. True story, this year a little boy in Brazil, eight-year-old boy, he was playing on his grandfather's farm, playing down by the river and he got attacked by a fifteen-foot anaconda. It bit him in the chest, held him there and began to wrap its body around him to squeeze him to death and to began to scream and the other boy began to scream and the screams reached grandfather's ear. He ran to help his grandson. His grandson was in the clutches of the anaconda. He couldn't move. The grandfather began to beat on that snake with rocks to no avail. He had a machete and began to slash at this snake with a machete. In the grandfather's own words, he said, ''hitting that snake was like trying to defeat a rubber tire. Everything seemed to bounce off.'' After thirty minutes he finally killed the snake and freed his grandson from that stronghold of the ...

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