by Jeff Schreve

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His Name Is Almighty (4 of 8)
Series: What Is His Name
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 17:1-27

You have your Bibles please turn to Genesis chapter 17, Genesis chapter 17 we're going to talk about Almighty God today. How many in here like to learn, you like to learn new things? Anybody in here like to learn? I know when you're in school sometimes you don't think I really want to learn but most of us like to learn.

Chuck Swindoll years and years ago had a little news article and he called the article ''Stuff I've learned'' and he asked some 5th grade boys some ten year old boys ''Hey, tell me some stuff that you've learned recently.'' And this is what he heard back, one little boy said this ''Well I learned the difference between dog food and meatballs.'' Listen, that's simple stuff but it's really, really important to know the difference between those two things. One guy said this ''I have learned that if you eat cheesecake and laugh hard enough it will come out your nose.'' Good to know when you're eating cheesecake. One little boy said this ''I have learned that it's not good to eat tons of chili and then go bowling,'' The people on the lane next to you would say ''Yeah, I second that, it's not a good thing for you to do that.'' And then one little guy said this ''I have learned that if you do not feed a bird at least once a week, it will die.'' Now that's simple stuff but it's good stuff. We've been a series on the names of God and we've been learning some good stuff about God about how great God is about the God who can meet your need and my need. And today in our series we want to look at the name El Shaddai. El Shaddai, interesting name in the Bible for God it's only used 7 times in that manner, El Shaddai. And none of us would probably know that name had it not been for Amy Grant in 1982 that came out with the song ''El Shaddai''. You remember it? El Shaddai, el Shaddai, El-Elyon Na Adonai that means God in the Highest O Lord. Age to age you're still the same ...

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