by Jeff Schreve

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My Provider (5 of 8)
Series: What is His Name
Jeff Schreve
Genesis 22:1-18

Well it was Valentine's Day and grandma and grandpa were on the front porch in their rocking chairs and they were talking and they were reminiscing about the good ole days, days gone by, and thinking about some of those highlight days in their lives. And grandma said to grandpa she said ''You remember when we were dating? First dating and you used to reach over and grab my hand whenever we were sitting together.'' And he said ''Yeah'' and he reached over and grabbed her hand, put his wrinkled hand on her wrinkled hand and she smiled and then she said ''And you remember when we first were engaged, how you used to kiss my cheek?'' He said ''Yeah'' and he reached over and gave her a kiss on her wrinkled cheek. And she said ''And you remember when we were first married how you used to nibble my ear?'' He gets up from the rocking chair and goes into the house. She said ''Where are you going?'' He said ''Oh, I'm going to get my teeth!'' Some memories are harder to relive than other memories. Well today in our series on the names of God, ''What is His Name?'' we want to remember and relive one of the greatest days in the life of Abraham, the Patriarch Abraham it was his mountain top day. If you were to ask Abraham ''What was the greatest day of your life'' he would talk about the day that's recorded in Genesis chapter 22.

It was a day of great agony and a day of great ecstasy. And from this experience in Abraham's life God reveals a name to us, perhaps the most special name of God as it relates to us, the name Yahweh-jireh or Jehovah-jireh, the Lord my Provider, the Lord will provide. Now that is such awesome news to know that God is the God who will provide. He will provide for you needs and my needs. Anybody in here have any needs? Just a few of you have some needs. We're a bundle of needs and God says ''My name is Jehovah-Jireh; I am the Lord who will provide. And maybe you're here t ...

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