by Jeff Schreve

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Dead or Alive (1 of 7)
Series: Unleashing the Power of God
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Matthew 15:1-9

Man, there's strength and hope in the name of the Lord. It is so good to be back. Debbie and the girls and I went on vacation last week. And I heard good things in my absence. I'm excited to start two new sermon series today.

I'm starting in the morning a series entitled, "Unleashing the Power of God." And in the evening a series entitled, "Bad Boys of the Bible."

I heard a story about a vacuum cleaner salesman. It was his first day on the job. He had never sold vacuum cleaners before. And they teamed him up with the sales manager. And this guy was going to train him how to sell vacuum cleaners. And it was a door-to-door job. And he said, "This is how you do it. You just watch me." And so he went to the first door in the neighborhood. He knocked on the door. The lady opened up the door. He kind of bulled his way through, and he said, "Hi, I'm Jim Scott with Excellent Vacuum Cleaners." And he said, "I want to show you my vacuum." And he reached into his pocket and he pulled out a jar full of dirt and muck and grime, and he just threw it on her carpet. And she was just horrified. And he said to her, he said, "Lady, if my vacuum cleaner from Excellent Vacuums doesn't get this up off the carpet, I'll get down on my hands and knees and lick it up with a spoon." Plugged in his vacuum cleaner, sucked it all up. She was amazed. She said, "I'll take one." She bought it. The recruit was like, "Wow!"

So they went to the next house, did the same thing. Bulled his way in, threw the muck on there, and said, "If my vacuum cleaner doesn't get this off your carpet, I'll lick it up with a spoon." Plugged in the vacuum cleaned. BOOM, took it all up. Lady bought one.

He said, "You got it?" The new guy said, "Yes, I got it." So he's out first time on his own solo. He knocks on the door just like the sales manager did. Knocks on the door. The lady answers the door. He in ...

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