by Jeff Schreve

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The Secret of Success (3 of 7)
Series: Unleashing the Power of God
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1 Chronicles 14:8-9

Lord, help us today as we study Your Word that You would speak to us. God that this wouldn't just be another church service, but this would be a time of breakthrough and, Lord, that You'd do miraculous things in our midst. God, we want to experience Your glory. Lord, we want to know You. We want to obey You and walk with You. And, Lord, minister in each heart, in each life, and speak a special message just from Your lips to every issue that we face and that we're going through right now that people are struggling with. And, God, we ask for Your touch and Your power and You're anointing. We need it. In Jesus? name we pray, amen.

Well, I got home from Guatemala Thursday at about 4:30, and was excited to take a shower with water pressure and to be able to brush my teeth and use regular water and all those different things when you go out of the country. And I had a great time visiting with my wife and my girls. And then, I was able to turn on the game and watch the San Antonio Spurs play the Detroit Pistons in game 7 of the NBA Championship. Now I was so excited that San Antonio won because I really like the Spurs. I just think they're a classy bunch of guys. I like Manu Ginobili, and I like Tim Duncan, and I really like Robert Ory.

I got to meet Robert Ory a few years ago, and I got to actually go over to his house. And he was thinking about buying a Hummer, and so a friend of mine that knew Robert called me and said, "Hey, Robert's thinking about buying a Hummer. And Lee Demontron at Demontron Buick is going to get him one. And so I want you to go with me, and you can drive the Hummer over to Robert's house. Do you have time to do that?" I said, "I'm pretty busy, but I could make some time." And so I got to hang out with Robert Ory. And we even took a picture together. That's me on the right. And that's in Robert's front yard. It pays to be a g ...

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