by Jeff Schreve

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Dynamite Christianity (7 of 7)
Series: Unleashing the Power of God
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Acts 1:1-11

Well, back in 1984, the summer of 1984, I graduated from college, from the University of Texas, and I came back home to Houston to look for a job. And I had a degree in Petroleum Land Management. In 1984 there wasn't a whole lot going on in the Petroleum industry, and guys were losing their jobs. And so I was looking for a job. And that summer there weren't a lot of jobs out there.

My brother-in-law said to me, said, "Jeff, why don't you mow my yard?" And I thought, "Well, that's not really the job I was looking for after my degree, but I'll do it." And he said, "It's just a one-shot deal. Got to check you out, see if you can do it." So I went to mow his yard. Now he had a really dinky front yard and a huge back yard, about a third of an acre. And he wasn't good about mowing his yard, so his grass was really tall. And he said, „Now I have a mower in the garage." So I went and got his mower out of the garage, and, and it looked pretty nice. And so I started mowing the front yard. And it wasn't too bad. And, then, I began mowing the back yard. And I was in good shape in 1984. And I'm mowing, and a third of acre, it's big. And it is so hard. I'm looking at the grass and thinking, Why is this so hard, the grass? Maybe it's just too tall. And I would mow and mow, and then I'd have to stop …..I was heaving. And, then, I finally, as I got further into the yard, I started getting blisters on my hands as I was pushing that mower. I was thinking, This is the worst mower that you could possible buy.

I finally got about, oh, almost 95% of it done. Gary came home. He said, "Well, how's it going?" I was kind of crashed on the chair. He said, "How's it going?" I said, "I must not be in very good shape. I'm having trouble mowing your yard." I said, "You have the worst mower." He said, "I do?" He said, "It's a new mower." He said, "What's wrong with it?" And he fires i ...

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