by Jeff Schreve

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Extreme Makeover (4 of 5)
Series: There's No Place like Heaven
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Philippians 3:20-21

In 2002 ABC launched a reality television show. It was called Extreme Makeover. It ended up being a big hit. People tuned in because they wanted to see the extreme makeover that was going to take place in people's lives. And the premise of the show was this: they gathered together plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists and eye surgeons and makeup artists and personal trainers and dermatologists and they would take different individuals who were quote unquote ugly ducklings. They would work on the outside of this person to turn the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. The work that they did was simply amazing and the transformation that we saw during that show for the individuals.

You know what all those people had in common? They didn't like the way they looked before. Have you ever looked in the mirror and not really liked what you saw? I mean you look in the mirror and you just think, "Ugg. Yuck. I mean I just don't look good. My ears are too long or my ears are too little, or my nose is too big or my eyes are too small or my face is too wrinkled or my face is too blemished. My chin is too pointy. I'm just too this way or too that way. I just don't like the way I look." Has anybody ever felt that way? We have all felt that way right? We're just not perfect and even the ones that we consider so beautiful they often feel that way. Just not the way they want to be. They want an extreme makeover. I think everybody I know would love to have an extreme makeover. Well, the good news for every Christian is coming down the pike. There is an extreme makeover for you and for me. God has it scheduled and it will blow ABC and the show Extreme Makeover completely out of the water.

Now the Bible makes it clear, in order to live forever with God in this New Jerusalem that we sang about there has to be a makeover. First Corinthians chapter fifteen says this, "Now ...

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