by Jeff Schreve

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Paradise Lost (1 of 7)
Series: The Shadow of the Almighty
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Genesis 2:25-3:7

There was a group of some aspiring student psychiatrists and they were taking a class and they wanted so badly to learn and to grow and to be a good psychiatrist when the time came and they were doing their school work. And they were taking a class on emotional extremes and the teacher began this graduate class and she came and she said "Now this is on emotional extremes so we are going to play a little word association game." Students from all over, different universities, with their undergrad and so she asked the guy from the University of Texas, she said "Word association game think of the opposite", she said, "What is the opposite of the word joy?" The Longhorn thought for a minute and he said "Sadness". She said "That's right very good." And then she looked at the man from Texas A and M University and she said to this man, she said "Now what is the opposite of the word depression?" And he said "That would be elation." She said "That's right" and everybody was amazed. But he got it right. And then she asked the fellow from Duke University. And she said to the man from Duke "What would be the opposite of the word woe?" And he said "I believe that would be giddy-up". Word association, what do you think of, not the opposite, but what do think of when you think of the word authority, authority?

Do good things pop into your mind when you think of the word authority? Or are you like so many people when they think the word authority they think negative thoughts. They have negative connotations when it comes to that word authority. See so many people they don't like to have anyone in authority over them. They don't like to have anyone telling them what to do. And you hear it so often people say "Well I am not going to let anyone tell me what to do. They are not going to push me around." So many people have a tendency to kick against authority, is that true of you ...

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