by Jeff Schreve

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When Rebellion Meets God (6 of 7)
Series: The Shadow of the Almighty
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Numbers 16:1-40

It was on a Wednesday on October 26, 1881. It was in a town called Tombstone in Arizona. There was a showdown that day at 3 o'clock in the afternoon at a place called the OK Corral. Wyatt Earp and his company were facing off against the Clanton gang. It was the law verses the lawless, it was good verses bad, and it was authority verses rebellion. There have been so many movies that have been made about the showdown the gunfight at the OK Corral. I think the most recent one was called Tombstone. And in that movie as they are getting ready everything is building to that climax to that 3 o'clock meeting, when Wyatt Earp and his crew were there with guns drawn against the bad guys and there was such tension in the air. Did you know that there is a similar story in the Old Testament; a showdown in the Old Testament between law and lawless, between good and between bad, between authority, and between rebellion between God's appointed man and man's self appointed leader. The story is found in Numbers chapter 16 and God's appointed leader was Moses and his brother Aaron, they were the two leaders in Israel and the self appointed leader was a man named Korah and he had two buddies with him, Dathan and Abiram. And they stirred up the people in Israel and there was a showdown, there was a gun fight at the OK Corral and the tension was high and as it is with every rebellion eventually rebellion fails and authority always wins in the end. Now God has so much He wants to teach us from this story that's typically referred as the Rebellion of Korah. And God devotes a whole chapter to it, fifty verses to it, to teach us about this thing called rebellion. We are in a series called The Shadow of The Almighty enjoying life under God's authority and it's so important and it's touched my own life and challenged my own thinking it's so important to realize and to understand th ...

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