by Jeff Schreve

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On Bad Authority (7 of 7)
Series: The Shadow of the Almighty
Pastor Jeff Schreve
1 Peter 2:12-3:2

My senior year in high school, government class, I had all my athletic buddies in the class with me. Let me say up front, I was not a Christian there my senior year at that first part of my senior year, and I acted up a lot. And I had a teacher who did not like me. And she was mean and cruel and sarcastic, now I was probably no prize as a student in her class but she was to me just a bad teacher. You know what her name was, sums it all up Mrs. Rude. That was her name, Mrs. Rude. And she would always send me to the office she would say mean things to me and has anybody in here ever had a bad teacher? Somebody that you said this person just doesn't like me. Has anybody in here ever had a bad boss? Where you say I don't like that guy. Hey I had a job one of my summers coming home from college a friend of mine got me a job. And I worked for a guy, I can't really remember his name, it was something like Satan! I mean he was just terrible. He was so mean the first day it's like hey you know you can't like not like me that bad on the first day I mean I have only known you for about 30 minutes. He asked me to go do something for him, go up stairs to this warehouse area, and get down a big roll of this insulation. Well he said get red insulation its red. Well all the insulation was red it was like that pink Corning stuff but this one that I was supposed to get had a red wrapper. I just looked at this stuff and said well this is kinda red. I get that brought that down. And he just went off on me. So I thought what is wrong with this guy? Bad Boss! Have you ever felt like you had somebody that was not very good in a position of governmental authority? Maybe he was a mayor or maybe he was a governor or maybe he was a senator or congressman or president, anybody ever felt like that? Yeah. What do you do with that authority? We are finishing our series today on authority tha ...

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