by Jeff Schreve

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What's in Your Wallet? (2 of 4)
Series: The Power of Giving
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Malachi 3:7-12

Well, I have a friend. His name is Mike Lurch. He's been my best friend since 7th grade. He and I played basketball together, and we did a lot of crazy things together. I got saved when I was a senior in high school. Mike got saved in college. And, so some of those "before Christ" years we had done a lot of crazy things together.

I still remember at basketball games, his dad would come to the game, Mr. Lurch. He was 6?10" He just looked like the guy on the Adams? Family, just so big and tall. We were all scared of him. But Mike and we've stayed good friends all through the years. And he and I even worked together at Nalco Chemical Company. We worked there a few years together, had a lot of fun, and then Mike left to go into the financial world. He took his Series 7 license and he became a, a stock trader and a bond trader and all that stuff. Well, when I left Nalco to go in the ministry, I took MY ENTIRE 401K and I put it with Mike, and I let him invest it all. And we liked the movie, "Wall Street." Remember the movie, "Wall Street?" Wall Street had Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. Michael Douglas was the big hot shot. He was Gordon Gekko. And Charlie Sheen was Bud Fox, the guy trying to sell him stuff. So I always called Mike, Bud. He was my Bud Fox. And I was like the multi-billionaire, Gordon Gecko, although it was multi thousands that I had with him. But I would talk to him like that. I'd call him up.

Money never sleeps. "Bud, what are you doing for me today? How are you helping me?" He said, "Hey, I got a tip for you." One day, he told me this. He said, "I have a hot stock tip for you. It's a new company starting up. It's an IPO." Mike said, "Jeff, the guy that works next to me, at the cubicle next to me, he's putting in $150,000. He mortgaged his house to get in on this deal." He said, "Jeff, you know, my brother, Sammy, who's very wealthy and in t ...

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