by Jeff Schreve

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The Heart of the Worshipper (3 of 6)
Series: The Heart of Worship
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Exodus 33

If you have your Bible, please turn to Exodus chapter 33, Exodus chapter 33. Today, I want to speak to you a message I've entitled, "The Heart of the Worshipper." In 1988 I began a brand new job. I had been working as a salesman out of college for a pipe coupling manufacturer. I worked there 2 years and then got a job, an outside sales job, with Waste Management. Worked there for 2 years and then I got a job with Nalco Chemical Company. And I was all excited because it was quite a promotion. It was quite a raise for me in this job. And Debbie and I were excited about that. And the company was really good. The job was really hard. It's a very technical job. They wanted to get a guy that could sell and could relate to people, but they also wanted to find an engineer. And I wasn't an engineer. So I did better on the relating to people and sales side, and the engineering side was a little hard for me. And the learning curve was just like that. And for about 6 months in that job you went through the idiot phase. Has anybody ever experienced that at a job? Ah, it's no fun to go through the idiot phase. You know, I mean, I had to go home at night and there were all these lessons I had to do. And then learn all this stuff. And then, during the day I would ride with the other reps to try and learn things. And my brain was swimming with water chemistry and chillers and boilers and waste water treatment plants and all the different chemicals. We have scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, micro-biocides. And, man, we had 750 different products. And I felt like my head was like an aquarium and I had all this stuff in it, and if you bump into me, things are going to spill out, you know. I mean, it's just like I don't know anything. If you ask me a question other than, "What is your name?" I'm not going to get it right because it's just all jumbled around in there. And it too ...

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