by Jeff Schreve

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Conformed or Transformed (6 of 6)
Series: The Heart of Worship
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Romans 12:1-2

In 1988 I went on an interview in Naperville, Illinois. It was an interview for Nalco Chemical Company. It was a big interview. It was a good job. It was a great big pay raise from what I had been making. And I was nervous, but I was praying and I was trusting God. And the job was very technical. I had a business degree most of the guys they hired had engineering degrees, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering. And most of the guys they hired were gear-heads. And my head doesn't have a lot of gears. And I was kind of struggling. But I was pretty good at sales. And it was a technical sales job. But I remember on the interview, this kind of shows you how it was at Nalco. On the interview, my interviewer asked me this question: He said, "What's the definition of Ph?" I said, "I don't know. It has something to do with acid. I think I could probably get it on a multiple choice." That was my answer in the interview. I ended up getting the job. I guess the answer was okay. But in that job you learned all this technical stuff. But then, they also taught you about sales. And they did a good job teaching about sales. And you know one of the things they taught me about sales? And I had been selling for a while. But one of the things they taught me, which is like, duh, but it's so important, is find out what the customer wants. Find out what pleases the customer. We've taught you all sorts of things, and you know all sorts of technical knowledge, but don't just go into a customer's office and vomit all over his desk all the things you know because he may not care about any of that stuff. Find out what he wants. Find out what pleases him.

We had one customer in my district. And you know what he wanted? This is kind of funny because we could do all sorts of things. We could go in there, take all these water tests. I had a big chemical test kit. I could do all these ...

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