by Jeff Schreve

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God's Amazing Grace (3 of 4)
Series: The God of Second Chances
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Jonah 3

Well, the year was 1976. I was in the 8th grade at Bleyl Junior High School. It was 1st period, and I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing. We had open concept back then in junior high school when I went there at Bleyl. I don't know how they have it now. But I was leaning back in my chair. That was a big deal in 8th grade in junior high. They said, "Don't ever lean back in your chair." And the teachers would really get on you if you were leaning back in your chair. Well, I was leaning back in my chair and my buddy, I think he kind of nudged me a little bit, and I fell back. And I fell of all places right on a teacher's feet as she was walking past in the hallway. She got so mad. I think it hurt her. Anyway, she was so mad at me. And she grabbed me, and she said, "I am taking you to Mr. Brown." Oh, I was so scared. Mr. Brown was the principal.

Now, when you got in trouble at my school, they never took you to Mr. Brown. They would always take you to the principal wannabes. They would take you to the number 2 or number 3 principal. They never took you to Mr. Brown. And when I would go, as I frequently went, to the number 2 or number 3 people because I got in trouble, they would give swats. They would ask you, "Listen, you want detention hall or you want swats?" Well, detention hall is after school, and so you always say, "Well, give me swats."

Well, Mr. Brown was… he was a legend when it came to swats. Mr. Brown was…I think he was made. He's about 6?1" He was made of about 50% iron. And he could just cut through all the baloney. If he saw you goofing around, he'd just cut right to the chase. And he was so intimidating. And his swats, people talked about getting swats from Mr. Brown. I had a friend of mine got swats from Mr. Brown. He said, "Jeff, it was, it was borderline child abuse." He said, "Getting swats from Mr. Brown was like being canned in Si ...

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