by Jeff Schreve

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Imperfect Faith (1 of 4)
Series: Strong Faith for Tough Times
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Genesis 12:1-13:4

When I was 28 years old I suffered a major knee injury playing basketball. I was playing some younger guys and one of the guys was really, really good, and I used to think I was pretty good and so he kept scoring on me so I was really defending him up as best I could and we played for about 2 hours. And I tried to steal a ball from him and the ball was going out of bounds and I ran as fast as I could and I planted my leg to get the ball back inbounds and when I did my knee just exploded. And this part of my leg just went up like that; you know your knees not supposed to go that way. And I was screaming in pain I had torn a bunch of cartilage I had torn my ACL and went to the doctor and he said you need surgery. And he put me back then, it's been a few years ago when I was 28, and back then they didn't just get you going and working on the knee right away I was in a straight legged cast for 5 weeks. And then when I got through you know with all the cast stuff and then I said "Man I can't bend my knee." And he said "Yeah you're going to have to do a lot of rehab." And it was a big deal for me during the first few days of rehab to be able to make one revolution on the bicycle because my knee just wouldn't bend it just was so painful. And I can remember talking to the doctor and I said "You know I want to play basketball again." He said "If I were you I'd quit that game." I said "I'm glad you're not me because I want to still play." And he said "Well you're only going to have about 60-70% of that knee back." And I said "Well what do I need to do to play?" And he said "You need to rehab you need to work that out." He said "You've got to get that quad strong in order to play." And he said "I won't release you to play until you can do on the leg extension machine, you know the one you sit down and do that, until you can do 30 lbs. 10 times with one leg." You know fo ...

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