by Jeff Schreve

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Seeing the Unseen (2 of 4)
Series: Strong Faith for Tough Times
Pastor Jeff Schreve
2 Kings 6:8-17

In 2001 a friend came to me and he said "Jeff I want to do something for you, something out of the ordinary something that my wife and I just really feel impressed to do" he said "I want to help you get your eyes fixed." My eyesight was really, really bad, I had worn contacts ever since I was in the 10th grade and my eyes continued to get worse. Good eyesight is 20/20 a decent eyesight is 20/40 you can still pass the driver's test with 20/40. I was sitting on about twenty-four hundred, I mean the E was fuzzy when I'd try and read it. I had to squint really hard at the eye test just to read the big giant E and so my friend Mark said "We will pay to get Lasik surgery." He'd had it done just about a year or so ago, he said it was great. And now he said "You pick the doctor and I'll pay, you pick I'll pay." Now when you're looking for an Ophthalmologist for eye surgery it's not like buying insurance, right? I mean when you buy insurance you're checking around because you want to get the lowest price. There's one insurance agent in town and he's known as cheap, cheap, cheap, anybody ever heard of him? (Laughter) I like agent Barry he's cheap, cheap, cheap. Well when I was looking for an Ophthalmologist I wasn't going for cheap, cheap, cheap, I wanted to get expensive, expensive, expensive, I want the best guy around I didn't want they guy that was buy one get one Optometrist, and I said "Who's the best?" And he said "Dr. Slade in Houston, he's the best, he's the one that Optometrists go to." I said "Let's go to that guy." And so I talked to Mark and I said "Mark we've found a guy." He said "Great let's do it." And I had that done and it was amazing as some of you have had Lasik surgery it was just amazing. Within 24 hours my eyesight which had been twenty-four hundred was now 20/20 no glasses no contacts I felt like Bartimaeus after the Lord healed his blindness. I ...

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