by Jeff Schreve

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Gearing up for Battle (2 of 5)
Series: Ready to Rumble
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 6

The big animals in the forest wanted to have a football game with the little animals and the insects. It was big versus little. In the first half, the big animals just ran all over the little animals and the insects. I mean, they couldn't do anything to stop them. The elephant just had tons of yards. The rhinoceros was scoring at will. The gorilla was doing great.

The second half started. The big animals get the ball. They run the elephant right up the middle - BAM - tackle, five yard loss. They go back into the huddle. And the ant is in the little critters? huddle and he says, ''Who made that tackle?'' The centipede said, ''I did!'' He said, ''Man, good hit.'' Second play. They run the rhinoceros off tackle - BAM - get sacked - five yard loss. Go back to the huddle. The gnat says, ''Hey, who made that stick?'' The centipede said, ''I did!'' ''Wow, good, good tackle.'' Third play. They run the gorilla on a sweep. The hippo is leading. He's the lead blocker. The gorilla gets hammered - BAM - ten yard loss. Fumbles the ball. Wow, it's incredible. They go back to the huddle and the flea said, ''Who did that?'' The centipede said, ''I did!'' He goes, ''Where were you the first half?'' He says, ''I was putting on my shoes!'' Wasn't ready. We're in a series on Ephesians chapter 6 on the armor of God. We're calling this series, „Ready to Rumble.'' And today, we want to talk about, ''Gearing Up For Battle.''

You know, the Lord tells us to put on the full armor of God. God has given you, He's given me, He's given every Christian the wherewithal and the means to stand firm against our adversary, the devil. He's given us what it takes to hold our ground and to stand and defeat the devil. The Bible says, ''Re, sist the devil and he will flee from you.'' And God has given you the armor to withstand his onslaughts and to stand up to his schemes and to not lose any ground in y ...

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