by Jeff Schreve

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Armed and Dangerous (5 of 5)
Series: Ready to Rumble
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Ephesians 6:10-17

A man was driving down the street. He saw a sign in a yard. It said, ''Talking dog for sale.'' He thought, Aw, come on, a talking dog for sale? So he goes to the door. I mean, it just caught his attention. He goes to the door and knocks on the door. A man comes to the door. He said, ''You have a talking dog for sale?'' He said, ''I do.'' He said, ''Well, where's the dog?'' He said, ''He's in the backyard.'' He said, ''Go back there and you can see him.''

So he goes back there. He sees a black mute, just an unimpressive dog. And he says to the dog, he says, ''Hey, you're the talking dog, huh?'' The dog says, ''Yep'' He said, ''Well what's your story?'' He said, ''Well,'' he said, ''I found out I could talk at a young age.'' And he said, ''I wanted to help my country, so I let the CIA know that I was a talking dog, and I could hear, and I could understand, and I could talk.'' And he said, ''They immediately put me into service. And they were jetting me all over the world to sit in on different meetings and to eavesdrop on world leaders and things like that, because nobody thought that this dog would be a spy. And he said, ''I was one of the best spies the CIA ever had.'' But he said, ''I got tired of being in a different city all the time, and so I asked for a different assignment.'' He said, ''They gave me an assignment at the airport.'' And he said, ''Mostly I just kind of wandered around and tried to eavesdrop and overhear and walk by suspicious characters.'' And he said, ''I foiled many plots of terrorism at the airport.'' He said, ''I won all kinds of medals, but,'' he said, ''you know, and then, then I settled down. I got a wife, had a mess of pups, and now I'm just kind of retired.''

The guy is blown away. He goes back to the front door and he says, ''Hey, how much do you want for the dog?'' He says, ''Ten dollars.'' He says, ''Ten dollars? Why in the w ...

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