by Jeff Schreve

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When Life is the Pits (1 of 5)
Series: Miracles! Then and Now
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Psalm 40:1-3

Well I am starting a new series today and we're calling it Pit Falls: From the Depths to Deliverance. Now I heard about a couple, they weren't getting along very well and they had not been getting along very well for years and it was really getting bad. They'd argue all the time and finally the wife, she just couldn't take it anymore. She said to her husband one day at breakfast in the middle of an argument, she said "You know I've begun to pray that God would take one of us out and take one of us to heaven. And when God answers my prayer I'm moving in with my sister." (Laughter) Hey life is really bad when you begin to pray that your spouse would die. And it's really bad you're really in a pit when that happens. And that's her situation in that little story. Pit Falls: From the Depths to Deliverance.

Now we are going to talk about getting into a pit and the difficulties in a pit in this series and most importantly how to get out of the pit. Beth Moore has written an excellent book, simply titled "Get Out of That Pit". And she says on the cover "It's straight talk from a former pit dweller." Did you know that Beth Moore in this book "Get Out of That Pit" says that she herself for so many, many years teaching bible studies and idea that you know people in a pit, those are people that are drug addicts those are people that are alcoholics those are people that have some terrible, horrible gambling addiction those are people in a pit. But not us good folks at church, I mean we're not in a pit. Beth Moore said in her book that as she began to teach on this topic of being in a pit, she would have these ladies that would come you know to her conferences and her bible studies and she said "These aren't people that just feel like they had to come because it was Easter. These are people that want to be there these are people that want to grow women that are really seeking ...

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