by Jeff Schreve

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Who Signed Me Up For This? (2 of 5)
Series: Miracles! Then and Now
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Genesis 37:18-25

We are in our series called Pit Falls, from the depths to deliverance and I want to share today a message I've entitled "Who Signed Me Up For This?"

Now did you know that in life there are situations as it relates to pits that you didn't ask for that you didn't deserve, by no fault of your own you find yourself in a deep dark hopeless pit? Somebody threw you in something threw you in. What kind of pits do people get thrown into I mean, let's be real what situations can happen where you end up in a pit that you didn't deserve or how about sudden tragedy how about that pit? You get a phone call just out of the blue your spouse was involved in a major car accident and they're gone. You go to the doctor, you think you're fine and it's terminal and you're going to die in 2 months. Woe that just throws you into a pit. Or how about the one where your son or your daughter in the prime of their teen years finds out they have leukemia? They don't have long to live you get thrown into a pit, who signed me up for this? How about violent crime? It throws you into a pit. What happened on the campus of Virginia Tech; which doesn't make any sense at all. People are in a pit today. How about one that hits really close to home, how about divorce. You didn't want it, your other one and so I'm through with you and I' going to be with this other one." And your heart is shattered. And if you're a child and that happens to you and you don't understand, all of a sudden your parents don't like each other anymore they don't live with each other anymore and you're going from this one to that one and bouncing around and you're in a pit that you didn't ask for that you didn't want that you didn't deserve, somebody else threw you in. We're going to look today at the first time the word pit is mentioned in the Bible. It has to do with a man named Joseph, one of the most godly men in ...

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