by Jeff Schreve

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Did I Miss God's Funeral? (2 of 6)
Series: Making the Grade
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Daniel 2:1-13

Well, we're in a series on Sunday mornings called, "Making the Grade: Passing Life's Greatest Tests." All of us have tests in life. And God wants you to succeed. And God wants you to pass. He doesn't want you to fail.

And today, I want to speak to you on a message I've entitled, "Did I Miss God's Funeral?" Kind of a strange title, isn't it? "Did I Miss God's Funeral?" I was hoping as people drove by and saw that on the marquee that they'd say, "Well, what in the world is that about?" Hopefully, it worked. I hope there's some people here that wouldn't normally have come, but they said, "I want to come and hear about that." Now that's a goofy title, because I think I speak for everyone when we say, "Well, of course, that's just ridiculous. Did I miss God's funeral? Well, number one, I didn't miss it because, number two, it never took place because God hasn't died." But did you know that so many of us, although we know that God hasn't died and that God will never die, and we believe in God just like the majority of Americans believe in God. They may not be Christians, but they believe in God. Even though we know that, we kind of know that in here. We don't necessarily know it so well in here. It doesn't take effect in the way we live, in the way we act and react and carry on our daily lives. We often live like God is not around, like God is non-existent. We do something that someone has termed "practical atheism." We live our lives and we practice practical atheism like God doesn't make a difference; like there is no God in heaven.

But I want to give you a little test. You say, "Well, I don't know about that practical atheism thing." Well, test yourself, because so many of us fall into the trap of living a life where we practice practical atheism. Take this little test:

Do you find yourself often fearful, worried, and anxious ...

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