by Jeff Schreve

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You're Fired! (3 of 6)
Series: Making the Grade
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Daniel 3

Have you ever noticed that people can be funny about the school that they went to? Especially the college they went to. They can be so serious about that. And you have all these rivalries because I went to this college, and I went to that college. And I love the University of Texas, and I'm a big fan….. Some of you like it. And I'm a big fan of the University of Texas. But I'm not a rabid fan. Some people are rabid fans. All you hissers in here, just rabid. But sometimes Larry Sims, our Associate Pastor, he and I talk about the schools we went to. I talk about UT and he talks about Duke University. He calls it the "Harvard of the South." Amen. And he talks all the time about how hard it is to go to Duke. And I will say this: they have a test. There's an entrance exam to get into Duke. And I just happen to have a copy, some of the questions what it takes to get into Duke University.

There's a history question: It says this: Give a dissertation on the ancient Babylonian Empire with particular reference to the architecture, literature, law, and social customs, or spell your name in block letters .

There's a metric conversion question: How many feet equals 0.0 meters?. Some, some of you said, "I might have missed that one." Larry didn't get that one right either. It's zero.

Advanced Physics: It's a multiple choice. Can you explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity? A. Yes. B. No. .

Advanced Math: If you have 3 apples, how many apples do you have?

Obviously, that wasn't a hard test. And some tests are harder than others. And those of us who have gone through school, that's one of the things we don't like really is tests. You who are in school now, I know that when the test comes, you're like, "Oh, I have a test." And we don't really like them. But did you know life is made up of tests? God has tests that we have to take ...

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