by Jeff Schreve

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When God Throws a Party (1 of 5)
Series: Lost
Pastor Jeff Schreve
Luke 15:1-10

Well, it was in June of 2002 that Debbie and I threw a big party. It was an important time because Debbie had just turned 40 on May 31 and I was just getting ready to turn 40 on June 25. And so we were celebrating. You know, a lot of people, they have a funeral, a, celebration, a mourning when they turn 40. But, you know, what's the alternative to having a funeral? So we said we're going to celebrate. Hey, we're still alive and we still look good, and we're going to have people over. And we had a big party, and we invited folks over. And it was one of those parties that, you know, you get those invitations for a birthday party that says, "No gifts, please." Don't you just love getting those? "Oh, they're inviting me over. No gifts, please." I think I put, "No gifts necessary," because I just think if you say, "No gifts, please," that's like saying I'm going to be offended if you give me a gift. And I surely wasn't going to be offended. So, it's like, you can come without a gift, but we'll kind of look at you funny. That was kind of the message I wanted to (laughter), to bring across. That was June of 2002. It's not too late for you if you would like to give us a gift. I have a picture of that special day. That was our cake, and it was little me and a little Debbie, and we turned 40. I still look the same, don't I? (laughter). You could say amen, yes. That would be good. Maybe I don't look the same. I don't know. Debbie looks a little different, that's for sure. But that was a great time. We wanted people to come. And we said, "Rejoice with us because we're celebrating 40 years on this earth."

Now did you know that God loves to throw parties? He just loves to do it. He has thrown more parties than anyone has ever thrown. And God always throws the same party. It's over the same thing. When God throws a party, it's a huge celebration in heaven, and He always throws a party when ...

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