by Jeff Schreve

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The Road to Ruin (2 of 5)
Series: Lost
Jeff Schreve
Luke 15

Without question, the most recognized person in all of the world of sports is Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer to ever put on a pair of golf shoes. Tiger Woods has won 71 tournament victories. He's won 14 majors. He's won more money on the tour than anyone has ever won. Tiger Woods, up until a few months ago, had everything. He had money; I mean, millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars in endorsements. I think Nike was paying him 40 million dollars alone to endorse their stuff. He had fame. He had power. He had prestige. He had the envy of everyone who's ever grabbed a golf club and tried to swing because he's so good. He had a beautiful wife and two wonderful kids.

It seemed like he had the world by the tail. Everything was wonderful for Tiger Woods. But, you know, that was the way most of us saw it from the outside looking in. What we didn't see was that for years Tiger Woods had been traveling the road to ruin. He had been indulging in all sorts of sexual sin. And on February, or November 27, 2009, we read about a car crash right outside his home. It was kind of indicative of a life crash. And Tiger Woods' whole world came crashing down. And we've been hearing more and more about all the women that are coming out of the woodwork. Latest count is 17 who said they had an on-going sexual relationship with Tiger Woods while he was married to his wife Elin. You know, it's just amazing when you think about that guy. You think, Man, he was in the penthouse, and he went to the outhouse like that. He was on top, and he went to the bottom. At the very peak, all the way to the pig sty. I was praying for Tiger Woods, that he wouldn't kill himself because of all the shame and all the embarrassment and how he wrecked and ruined his life and hurt so many people. See, we didn't realize that for so many years he was on the road to ruin. He was sowing seeds of destruc ...

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