by Jeff Schreve

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God's Favorite Present (3 of 5)
Series: Let Us Adore Him
Jeff Schreve
Romans 11:33-12:2

Are you excited about that day when the Lord comes back? That doesn't sound very excited. You need to be excited. The Lord is going to come back one day soon! And if you know Him He is going to come and take you to glory. Let's pray together. Lord we are excited about that Day and Father we want our hearts to be open today to hear from You. And Lord You speak in Your word about the word going out and sometimes it falls on hard soil, we don't that and sometimes it falls on rocky soil and we don't want that and sometimes Lord it falls on crowded soil and we don't want that. Lord we want to have good soil in our hearts so that as Your word goes out it grows 30 fold, 60 fold, even 100 fold, that You would be glorified and Father that every person in this room would do what You say in Jesus Name, Amen.

Well Christmas is fast approaching. How many people still are shopping, anybody still shopping? I went out shopping for the first time this Christmas season, I went out yesterday with Amy my middle daughter and I think half of the city was out shopping, it was just so crowded every store we went into was just wall to wall people. And they were all searching for that perfect gift for that certain someone. You know when you shop you look at a lot of things and naw like that. Let's go to another store why because we got to find that just that right perfect gift so that we can hit a homerun at Christmas. I have had a few times in my life where I have hit a homerun at Christmas. It was a few Christmas's ago, I think I told you about it, I got Debbie the perfect gift. It has been her favorite gift of all. It was her mother's wedding ring, her mother who had died, I got her ring and I re-did it for Debbie and I gave it to Debbie and the tears came. Man it was just awesome. You talk about a home run; I mean it was a bigger hit than Barry Bonds after he visits his trainer. It was ...

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